Sunday, August 12, 2007

More music

There are a lot of albums that remind me of being a kid, but this one was my favorite. Not sure why, but my little brother sister and I always demanded my dad pop in the yellow tape when we got in the car. Listening to it now, I understand, it is a powerful jazz fusion album that is exciting from start to finish. If you'v never listened to it I suggest you do. Billy Cobham is the man he's played with MIles, Santana and host of other great musicians, considered one of the best drummers ever... Every track is crazy, here are two.

Times Of My Life


Went to the Daft Punk concert a few days ago, I really never was a fan honestly. I knew of the track One More Time. I've grown to like songs like Robot Rock, Da Funk, Face To Face and Around The World. I was blown away by the light show, everyone was going crazy, honestly I felt it was more the lights than them. The music was dope don't get me wrong. I thought it was amazing, they remixed a lot of their tracks, but I expected more based on all the hype. Anyway, over all it was a good show.....

Ok ok ok, I fronted a little bit, I was pumping my fists the whole concert and kept my girl up for an hour telling her how dope it was...

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Kissthedeejay said...

Ummm...Please stop fronting! You LOVED the Daft Punk concert!