Monday, September 24, 2007

Jack move

Did revenge of the nerds Lambda Rap bite Super Nature's (Salt N Pepa minus Spindarella) The Show Stoppa. Maybe i'm slow, but I just noticed this. Listen to Poindexters violin solo...

The Show Stoppa

More Hova

I saw the movie Native Son years ago (based on the Richard Wright Novel), and heard the sample used in this track during one of the scenes, haven't ever been able to find the sample on vinyl or cd, hopefully someone can help me out on this. Anyway, Jay-z, doesn't really diss Pac on this track, it's more like an acknowledgment. BTW, whatever happened to Sauce Money???

Dead Or Alive Pt.2

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Time to blackout

I'm on a roll, three posts in one day, don't get used to Heard the new Hov track Blue Magic, if you haven't heard it check Anyway it's cool, I thik everyone is excpecting 2007 St. tropez Jay-z to tranform into 96-97 BK Jay-z. Give the guy a break, I don't think it's going to happen, he's still incredible, and I think the lyrics on the track are dope, just appreciate it for what it is and move on. Hopefully the second single is a little better.

I used to spin with my boy at this ghetto 18 to party spot in New Rochelle years ago. This track was would come off so crazy. I played this recently at a spot Jay was at and I swear him and his crew were the only one's feeling it. What a shame.

BTW, Jada's verse is nuts, but Jay-z destroys the track


Can I Live

Oh shit, this track was the so crazy. That Black Rob album was kinda fire. Anyway, I was a big lox fan. I played this at Stereo earlier this year when Jadakiss was hosting, I had to let the entire song rock. This track brings back a lot of memories. If you're a DJ from out of town and you ever end up doing some thugged out shit, drop this at 3:30, then duck.

Can I Live Feat The Lox

Return of The Mac

VH1 soul's Soul Player is off the hook, to bad I don't get the channel, caught this video a little while ago, how did I forget about this track. There should be a VH1 where are they now about these guys.

Roses Are Red

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Negative Stress

After my angry post, i've been bumping this track, I used to rock to this in high school during my jansport bookbag, blackbook tagging, gibaud jeans rocking, all black visor sportin days, this was the video I couldn't get enough of. I think it made me feel the same way I felt after sniffing one of those fucking krylon paint markers.

Recognized Thresholds Of Negative Stress


Just got back from Vegas, glad to be in NYC. Enough of the angry posts for now. Back to the music. This is one of my favorite freestyles. I thought this was the greatest thing I'd ever heard in high school.

Chest To Chest

Friday, September 14, 2007

Another Rant

I apologize if the tone of this post is brash, condicending or saracastic. I'm pretty pissed off. I haven't posted in a while due to the fact that i've had nothing positive to say about deejaying. Since my life revolves around turntables, it kinda makes it hard to say something nice. As you probably know, my girl is also a deejay, i'm pretty much working or talking about work 24/7. I don't mind, I enjoy what I do, and make a good living. I'm not afraid to admit i'm payed pretty well, and am doing well. I can afford to eat out and travel. Can't afford to live in that deluxe apartment yet, but ft. greene isn't that bad.

Anyway, my point... I was in the city with talking to a friend, found out that one of spots i work at has decided to ban the rane 56 from being set up. This spot sports a uri mixer, you know the one with the knobs.

As most of you know there is a separate section with the cross fader. Anyway, we've all used this at some point, but to go from rocking on a battle mixer to this sucks. Anyway the reasoning is that the deejays don't set the equipment back up the way it was, namely me, I fucked it up for everyone. Why should I have to play sound guy. managers should ask themselves this question, "would I say this to DJ so and so when we fly them in to spin?". First of all the club owns a 56 that they bring out when "certain guest deejays" come in. Do you believe the nerve. So if you fly in DJ "you fill in the blank" you'll set it up. But, you won't let me set mine up. There is a double standard, and i'm pretty fed up with it. Shitting on your resident deejays is fucked up. Now, i'm not talking about all clubs, most spots treat me well. I've got a few more things to say, but i'll save that for another post.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

What a week

It's been awhile, but i'm back. Been working a lot. Anyway, i spun at an art exhibit by Anton Kandinsky, curated by Marc Ecko. It was crazy, a perfect mix of models, hipsters, art critics and hip hop heads. I dropped a lot of tracks I really enjoy, also got to put together a nice concept CD for the event. Now, let me know if you feel me on this, why is it when food is served at these events, the servers never bring food for the deejay, I literally had to fling an old serato record at this waiters head to get his attention, shit can a brotha get a cucumber sandwich???? Not that I eat cucumber sandwiches, but at least offer me something.

A Meditation Of Weapons

Track List
2.Snap your fingers (DJ M.O.S. Mix) - Lil John feat. E-40
3.Let me in - paul mccaurtney
4.Black steel in the hour of chaos (m.o.s. Edit) - public enemy
5.War pigs - black sabbath
6.War songs - windscale
7.The people - common
8.Stop children what's that sound - jefferson airplane
9.Toxic - Mark Ronson Feat. Triggers and ol dirty bastard
10.Road to the riches - kool g rap and dj polo
11. Get it together - beastie boys feat q-tip
12. Time for the season - the zombies
13.Time for enore - dj sizzahands
14. Soilders cadance - full metal jacket
15. Rotten love - the briefs
16. What people do for money - ac/dc
17.bullet with butterfly wing - smashing pumkins
18.Killing in the name of (mr. Oizo remix) - rage against the machine
19.Overnight celebrity - twista
20.Start! - the jam
21.Verigo - u2
22.Fire - jimi hendrix
23. Machine gun - jimi hendrix
24. We'll meet again - vera lynn (the grand finale)