Thursday, September 20, 2007

Time to blackout

I'm on a roll, three posts in one day, don't get used to Heard the new Hov track Blue Magic, if you haven't heard it check Anyway it's cool, I thik everyone is excpecting 2007 St. tropez Jay-z to tranform into 96-97 BK Jay-z. Give the guy a break, I don't think it's going to happen, he's still incredible, and I think the lyrics on the track are dope, just appreciate it for what it is and move on. Hopefully the second single is a little better.

I used to spin with my boy at this ghetto 18 to party spot in New Rochelle years ago. This track was would come off so crazy. I played this recently at a spot Jay was at and I swear him and his crew were the only one's feeling it. What a shame.

BTW, Jada's verse is nuts, but Jay-z destroys the track



ani said...

yeah, son!
nah right is kinda dope, right?
good looks on the black rob joint, this dude keeps telling about this track, which i remember hearing back when, but now i got it...

Sure said...

u talking about the palladium in new ro?

DJ M.O.S. said...

Nah right is the shit

DJ M.O.S. said...

nah, Club Hollywood