Thursday, September 13, 2007

What a week

It's been awhile, but i'm back. Been working a lot. Anyway, i spun at an art exhibit by Anton Kandinsky, curated by Marc Ecko. It was crazy, a perfect mix of models, hipsters, art critics and hip hop heads. I dropped a lot of tracks I really enjoy, also got to put together a nice concept CD for the event. Now, let me know if you feel me on this, why is it when food is served at these events, the servers never bring food for the deejay, I literally had to fling an old serato record at this waiters head to get his attention, shit can a brotha get a cucumber sandwich???? Not that I eat cucumber sandwiches, but at least offer me something.

A Meditation Of Weapons

Track List
2.Snap your fingers (DJ M.O.S. Mix) - Lil John feat. E-40
3.Let me in - paul mccaurtney
4.Black steel in the hour of chaos (m.o.s. Edit) - public enemy
5.War pigs - black sabbath
6.War songs - windscale
7.The people - common
8.Stop children what's that sound - jefferson airplane
9.Toxic - Mark Ronson Feat. Triggers and ol dirty bastard
10.Road to the riches - kool g rap and dj polo
11. Get it together - beastie boys feat q-tip
12. Time for the season - the zombies
13.Time for enore - dj sizzahands
14. Soilders cadance - full metal jacket
15. Rotten love - the briefs
16. What people do for money - ac/dc
17.bullet with butterfly wing - smashing pumkins
18.Killing in the name of (mr. Oizo remix) - rage against the machine
19.Overnight celebrity - twista
20.Start! - the jam
21.Verigo - u2
22.Fire - jimi hendrix
23. Machine gun - jimi hendrix
24. We'll meet again - vera lynn (the grand finale)


I AM GVG said...

That "In God we trust" piece was honestly my favorite piece out of all of them. Showed it to everyone i was with and just used it as a profile pic for a new account. Thanx for the invite.

~we're the warriors they write epics about~

Elwood said...

that link doesnt work. how bout posting the mix on divshare?