Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lazy Day

Yesterday sucked, it rained all day and i watched 3 bad movies in a row. I'm over the battle (a week later) Nothing interesting to write about. Got Marquee tonight and going to be in the Hamptons Friday till Sunday for the first time. I'm still not a fan of Hamptons living, but i'm getting paid, nice...

Room Service last week, was dope all my people came through, shout out to DJ Berrie, D-nice, my girl DJ Kiss, Peter Paul, The Retro Kids and my boy Gardy for comming through. Nothing interesting to say right now... Here's some music, it's going to be a lazy day.

Lazy Day Music

Saturday, July 21, 2007

7 am rant....

Set fire to MIke...

He spun twice and most of the fire when out (wow, I wish i could have seen that).....hahahaha. It's not funny. please watch this!!!!! LOL!!!

Which led to.... creepy?? Whose bad...

Just got back from the Hamptons..(sooooo wack, but pays my rent and addiction to eating out) a little bit on lean, but that's when the truth spills out. The pepsi Dj battle I particpated in was so fucking weird. I'm in no way a battle DJ, sheeeeeit i'm still trying to perfect my one click flares. Big crowd at SOB's, 9 DJ's, had Just Blaze, Kanye, and Swizzy judging. I didn't even want to enter in the first place. I did and got picked to battle it out...(Lucky me right...) Had to get on stage and show my skills as a party DJ. Let me tell you, I felt that serato fucked up the game, it evened out the playing field, you no longer have to dig for joints. I tell you, I was proven wrong. I think DJ's aren't creative anymore. out of 9 DJ's for 3 rounds i swear I heard 50 Cent - I Get Money 6 times.

btw, they fucked up Billie Jean twice....

The battle was really corny, each of us had 3 minutes to do what ever we thought was hot. I was last. I said fuck it and dropped Al. B Sure - Night and Day then New Edition Mr. telephone man. when into N.W.A Dopeman, and Can't Live Without My Radio. Some how I made it past two eliminations into the finals. Went into the final round with no idea what I was going to do, just started rockng classic hip hop, dropped Ice T New jack Hustler, The Headbanger, Gangsta Gangsta and Who Shot Ya (Not in that order). No Disrespect to the other contestants, but the winner played Sweet Dreams and Sweet child of mine. ( his set was full of sweet records...i'm hating) With guys like Mos Def, Common, Latifah, Q tip and Talib in the building in the finals I said to myself, ya'll got to feel this, and at least the judges got me. Sheeeit... DJ Enuff gave me the look like I had it. The next few words I heard shocked me. It's not that I lost. I really didn't care about that. Just Blaze told me I went a little Left.... Left?????????????????? New jack Hustler is left??????? EPMD is left??????????????? Lionel Richie is left????????, N.W.A is left?????????? WOW..... Now i'm not one to complain (yeah i am, this shit hurts son), like I said I never expected to even make it to past the first round, but to make it past all those rounds rocking good music and get basically shitted on for it made me a little salty. Again this is just my two cents, Everyone who made it to the finals had a an ill classic hip hop set. Sheeit my mello my man G. Breezy smashed the first round with classic hip hop and second round with classic reggae which i feel was the most creative move out of everone who participated including myself. The last round was fillled with Beyonce and Guns and Roses....ugggggghhhhhh. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. I'm sorry for who ever this offends, but that shit is wack.... No disrespect to the winner Jack The Ripper he deserved it, he hontestly did his damn thing each round, played Wrath of Kane which had my hands in the air, but Beyonce, I couldn't do it, I guess I didn't want it that bad. I'm pissed with the judges. A panel of producers and DJ's basically dissing good hip hop. Ouch fellas... maybe Hip Hop is dead. I admit, my last set was sloppy, but left field????? Three of my favorite producers. That stung... I immediately walked off stage hoped in a cab and set up at Room Service. Got on the mic and told the crowd the if they expect to hear anything after 96 they should close out their tab at the bar. Dropped Zhiggie and called it a night. Great Kanye came through, I'm a little angry (three days later)

I should have gone with my original idea and play play all slow jams, bastard.... For the record I drink strictky Newmans Lemonade and hieneken. Soda is for suckers....(again hating)

Oh yeah would it be tacky to call Eric B. Silent Bob. His expression in all those videos is one of a deaf mute....lol great music though.

When I grow up i want to be a hip hop DJ... Is it me or is Iron Mike in the video...

Shout out to DJ Kiss, Self Destruction into Paper Thin. Nice!!!!!

Audi 5000

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


90's hip hop son, rock that shit. Ever since Flex did that 90's set for the 4th of July, everywhere I go i'm hearing DJ's rock good classic hip hop sets. I can't front, there are a ton of DJ's that have been dropping gems during their sets, you know who you are, now it feels like it's beginning to catch on a little bit. Last night at Butter of all places I heard joints from guys like xx posse, the artifacts and royal flush... nice!!!! May have to break out my jansport, a ski mask and a bottle of krylon and start to bomb like Vietnam. Don't act you never owned a blackbook in the 90's. Here are a few joints that got me through high school.

Method Man - What The Blood Clot

Mobb Deep Feat. Nas & Raekwon - Eye For A Eye (Your Beef Is Mine)

Friday, July 6, 2007

Man vs. Wild... great show or greatest show????

My boy Bear Gryllis. woke this morning to a man vs. wild marathon on the discovery channel, shiiiiit. This guy would kick Indiana Jones ass. He parachutes into some remote region of the globe with only a pocket knife and a piece of flint, and shows you how to survive. Eating raw Zebra or rattle snakes. A must see...

This is just a cool track, my theme music for the day.

Idris Muhammed - Crab Apple

Early Morning Rant

It's 5;30 AM and I've decided music sucks, I know its cliche, but it does. Hip hop is corny right now. There are a few hot tracks, but not many, but most of the shit I have to spin every night makes me a little sick at times. I remember when I used to hate blends, now every other record is a blend, and thats because the quality of music as a whole blows, I got sucked into the b-more house and electro thing for a second, some of it is kinda dope, most of it I don't get, maybe i'm just not that cool (does anyone really dance to that stuff?)... Anyway enough complaining, gotta give the people what they want, that's what I get paid to do.

I spend my days on Youtube looking up old music videos and came across one of my favorite song of all time George Duke - I Want You For Myself. This track was on one of my first mx CD's back in 2004 (If anyone has a copy, sned it to me I lost the master). I was at APT last year and heard Rich Medina drop this...made my night. Another George Duke track that is a sure fire way to get me off the wall is Brazilian Love Affair. When I found that 12inch I couldn't believe it. I'm too lazy to convert songs, so i'm here are the mp3's enjoy.

I Want You For Myself

Brazilian Love Affair

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Saw the transformers movie last night, let me tell you...CRAZY!!! Go see it right now.. The special effects, plot, everything was dope. But why did Jazz the black transformer have to die?? It's like killing off Panthro in the thundercats movie. They way he died was so crony, talking shit while getting pulled apart by Megatron. Anyway I posted an edit of Black Steel In Hour Of Chaos for my boy Jazz...

Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos (M.O.S. Edit)