Friday, July 6, 2007

Early Morning Rant

It's 5;30 AM and I've decided music sucks, I know its cliche, but it does. Hip hop is corny right now. There are a few hot tracks, but not many, but most of the shit I have to spin every night makes me a little sick at times. I remember when I used to hate blends, now every other record is a blend, and thats because the quality of music as a whole blows, I got sucked into the b-more house and electro thing for a second, some of it is kinda dope, most of it I don't get, maybe i'm just not that cool (does anyone really dance to that stuff?)... Anyway enough complaining, gotta give the people what they want, that's what I get paid to do.

I spend my days on Youtube looking up old music videos and came across one of my favorite song of all time George Duke - I Want You For Myself. This track was on one of my first mx CD's back in 2004 (If anyone has a copy, sned it to me I lost the master). I was at APT last year and heard Rich Medina drop this...made my night. Another George Duke track that is a sure fire way to get me off the wall is Brazilian Love Affair. When I found that 12inch I couldn't believe it. I'm too lazy to convert songs, so i'm here are the mp3's enjoy.

I Want You For Myself

Brazilian Love Affair

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Elwood said...

Love that song. never knew there was a video thanks!