Tuesday, July 17, 2007


90's hip hop son, rock that shit. Ever since Flex did that 90's set for the 4th of July, everywhere I go i'm hearing DJ's rock good classic hip hop sets. I can't front, there are a ton of DJ's that have been dropping gems during their sets, you know who you are, now it feels like it's beginning to catch on a little bit. Last night at Butter of all places I heard joints from guys like xx posse, the artifacts and royal flush... nice!!!! May have to break out my jansport, a ski mask and a bottle of krylon and start to bomb like Vietnam. Don't act you never owned a blackbook in the 90's. Here are a few joints that got me through high school.

Method Man - What The Blood Clot

Mobb Deep Feat. Nas & Raekwon - Eye For A Eye (Your Beef Is Mine)

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