Thursday, August 2, 2007

I wanna rock

I'm not a fan of rock music, never have been. I'm not going to front to look cool, i really can't stand most of it, and really don't relate to it. Appetite For Destruction just turned 20, never bought it, and could name 3 songs from the album. Don't get me wrong there are songs that I like, even an album or two, but I hate playing rock n roll in clubs. 6 years ago it was cool, now not so much. This is not the typical too cool for school DJ rant about how they hate playing sweet child o mine and shook me all night long. You may hate playing it, but you love the reaction. I rather not play any of it, it sucks. Who dances to it, not me. I've heard DJ's complain about guy not going deep enough with the rock n roll, right.... Let me drop Yes - Roundabout which is dancable and see how fast I get a manger screaming, what are u doing, pick it up?? This is how I feel today, i'll feel different tomorrow. New wave is cool, but please don't ask what rock to play in clubs, I hate the question and it's not hard to figure out. It's like 10-15 tracks and they've all been mashed and remixed at least 50 times each. Play more house music. I support that.

Criminal Minded just turned 20
Paid In Full just turned 20
LL Cool J - Bigger and Deffer just turned 20
Kool Mo Dee - How Ya Like Me Now just turned 20

Other than that, it's been a good week, lots of time to practice, practice, practice. Been eating healthy, ground turkey is off the hook.

This track is cool


Kissthedeejay said...

Not a fan of all rock but Classic rock is the shit! Unfortunately though, the kids in the clubs today don't know any of that stuff so you have to keep rock selections pretty basic if you want people to dance and have a good time. It's not just rock either, you'll rarely hear someone go into a hard core old school hip-hop or classics set either...simply because most clubgoers don't know those records. Instead you'll hear the same cheesy commercial old school songs because they get people dancing. Sucks, but in the immortal cheesy words of Kurtis Blow..those are the breaks! If "too cool for school" DJs want to hear different selections they know to go to spots like 205, Gold Bar and Kush where bottle service isn't such an issue...

Sure said...

they never dance to none of that shit they just stand around and sing along to the hook like one big karaoke party