Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I love my job

Tonight i'll be at Marquee for another night of madness. I can't front, every week i'm suprised with who I meet. One week I meet Sonny Cheeba of Camp Lo, the next DJ Lord Jazz of Lords Of The Underground (shout to Cleveland).

Sure Puffy and Jay-z have hung out as well, but these are guys you don't see very often. That was the greenlight for me to play some of my favorite tracks. One of the managers even came up to me and requested Funky Child...nice.

Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time



Kissthedeejay said...

Since when have you needed an excuse to play early 90's hip-hop? ;-)

I AM GVG said...

I turned camp lo away from a door a few years back and at the moment really caught myself feeling myself in this night life thing of ours. A couple of years later, a manager at an establishment you played and i did "The Door" at tried to get me to shut down Red Alert and a couple of his ol skool homies. I told said owner "You either going to to have to do that shit yourself or let me go, because he's the reason you can't find me from the hours of 12pm-1pm because i'm gettin my ol skool at noon fix in." Can't disrepect the ones who made us love this thing we call Hip Hop.

~we're the warriors they write epics about~

DJ M.O.S. said...

you dissed Camp Lo...damn

I AM GVG said...

LOL, I said I was wrong, but my man came up with one of those leather jackets with all those leather strip tassel things hanging from the arms and it just was a bad look for me to let him in when we were the only black people in the spot and that’s what I’m letting slide. He would have had me looking crazy in the streets. I know you’ve been there, get the call to come outside for a superfriend save and you open that door to find your boy in a fitted, a jersey, and every dude he ever met on the block with him all screaming out your name like “YO! WE GOOD?!?!?!!!!” Sometimes you just have to close the door and go back to work.

~we’re the warriors they write epics about~