Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just a thought

I'm really not a mad DJ, I love my job and am over paid for playing music for drunk people. My issue is the 80's fashion trend. It's really weird to me. It's been going on for most of the new millenium, and I like it, but why is it that kids embrace the clothes and not the music. If you're in a party rocking fake gazelles (the real ones are like $800) a gumby with a lightning part and a pair of vintage adidias, you better bob your head when I drop classic 80's and 90's tracks. I hate to see kids frontin. You know damn well you were born in 87, if you don't know the music just act like it, you're in costume. I'm not old, shit I consider myself young, I was born in 79, it just bugs me out that I have a dude in a members only jacket asking me to play Ay Bay Bay. Huh?? Let's bring the 90's back. The 80's were cool, but the 90's was my shit. Those were the years i really felt music. xx posse, Poor Righteous Teachers, Main Source. Shiitt, Jodeci, H-Town, Mint Condition, Silk, Intro, Chukii Booker. I want to see Cross Colors, Maurice Malone, Karl Kani jeans and shirts. Pelle Pelle, Marc Buchanan leathers. Combat boots, starter jackets, hats and jerseys. Props to are the Retro Kids, they're dope. I saw a dude in a Millie Vanilli concert t shirt. That's commitment.


lloydski said...

ahhh. you beat me to it. real fucking talk. mutherfuckers look and act the part but when it really comes down to it they dont know shit. i just wanna call every single one of them out. or blog about it. ha.

Rumor said...

Starter jackets, yes!!

supernupe1 said...

No doubt!! I'm about to go out and get me an 8-ball jacket ASAP!! On the real though, that's all I listen to. You can catch me in my ride on any given day bumpin Black Moon, or King Just (pause and think on that one for a minute),or Jeru. That period of time was the golden era of hip hop and it will never get better than that!! j.wiles