Thursday, March 27, 2008

Classic video

For all my peeps in Cali see ya'll tomorrow night, you might here a few of these.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

West Coasting this weekend

Doing a mysace party, maybe they'll ask me to be a myspace DJ....

Definitely going to play this track
Dr. Dre - Nigga Witta Gun

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More politics...

More politics, I used to actually like the Clintons, now I see how shady and divisive they can be. As a candidate, for Hillary Clinton to first accuse Barack Obama of being inexperienced is pretty unbelievable. What experience does she really have. Being the presidents wife in does not count as experience. Trying and failing to get universal healthcare does not count. Time spent on the Hill is not what I feel makes a good president. The more time a person spends in Washington, the more likely they have some special interest group that they owe something to, especially if your husband is the ex-president. Unless she has negotiated a peace treaty, worked on military strategy, or has made major decisions relating to crisis management, I don't see how anything else she has done really makes her that much more experienced.

The major issue with HIllary Clinton is that she hated by republicans. If you pay any attention to politics you that what really prevents laws and bills from being passed is partisan gridlock, a lot of it is childish. Now we elect a person who is hated by the otherside, what is really going to get done in Washington?

What I think makes a good president is a person who is intelligent, makes good decisions and surrounds them self with smart people. Experience really has nothing to do with that, Lincoln served one term in the U.S Senate, Kennedy was very inexperienced, and ex President Clinton was a Governor. I think all did a decent job. Now HIllary Clintons has really proven to me through this campaign that she is very indecisive and will say whatever makes people happy in order to get what she wants. The way she has run her campaign is far from honest. Not to say that she needs to be some kind of saint, the Obama campaign has definitely participated in some questionable political ads, but she has her back against the wall and is willing to divide the party, give John McCain and the republicans fuel for the general election rather than let it play out and fight it out her message against his. On top that in the most important decision of her political career she seriously dropped the ball. Allow the president to go into Iraq was crazy, and really cannot be defended. She's a pretty intelligent woman, she knew the consequences, shit we all did.

I actually liked her before the election started, (though i've always been a Obama supporter), but I see how calculating and scathing she can be which is the same thing we've always seen in past elections, is that change? Yes she's won the big states, her last name is Clinton.. But she's behind in delegates. And then has the nerve to offer him the VP job, that's pretty insulting. My prediction is that he's going to win the delegate race, but it'll go to the convention and she'll battle it out to the end, when the super delegates get involved it could be a serious shit storm, at that point who knows what's going to happen. If the dems fuck this up i'm moving to France...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Dru Hill and The Governor

Dru Hill was corny when they were out, so who really cares. Funny shit though.

Now the governor of New York got caught up in a prostitution He looks like that type of guy. It's funny how the wives of these politicians stand by their side, also pretty funny.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Don't know why I was listening to this, but I really was getting into it. Anyway found the video which is really cool, i'm in a strange mood tonight...

I'm bored

I'm completely over this election, someone call me when it's over. The New York primary is over, why should I really give a fuck about Pennsylvania and North Carolina. How did Hillary come back like that??? If I see another pie chart explaining to me that "Barack does well amongst African Americans and young people, while HIllary does well with women..." REALLY!!!??? NO SHIT...

Anyway back to shit that really matters, music and entertainment. It's a much better distraction than politics. Went to a showcase for Teyana Taylor, new Star Trak artist, the girl from super sweet 16, and inventor of the chicken noodle soup dance (don't hold that against her..) I have to admit, she's really dope. Can sing her ass off, not to mention spit and dance. Though that "Google Me" track is pretty lukewarm (Jazzy Pha was a bad choice).

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Technology is craaazy!!!!

And you thought Serato was crazy, this is the next level. The pacemaker is a dj mixing device that holds 120 gigs of music, you can mix, loop, do effects, adjust the pitch... everything except scratch. Due out in March, the next step is you being able to control the music with your mind.... Can't wait for that...

I can see this being cool to walk around with, like djing with an beefed up ipod. But i'm definitely getting one.

WOW 2.

This is why Bill O'reilly hates France... Great stuff.


Just saw this video 5 min ago, brilliant!!!