Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More politics...

More politics, I used to actually like the Clintons, now I see how shady and divisive they can be. As a candidate, for Hillary Clinton to first accuse Barack Obama of being inexperienced is pretty unbelievable. What experience does she really have. Being the presidents wife in does not count as experience. Trying and failing to get universal healthcare does not count. Time spent on the Hill is not what I feel makes a good president. The more time a person spends in Washington, the more likely they have some special interest group that they owe something to, especially if your husband is the ex-president. Unless she has negotiated a peace treaty, worked on military strategy, or has made major decisions relating to crisis management, I don't see how anything else she has done really makes her that much more experienced.

The major issue with HIllary Clinton is that she hated by republicans. If you pay any attention to politics you that what really prevents laws and bills from being passed is partisan gridlock, a lot of it is childish. Now we elect a person who is hated by the otherside, what is really going to get done in Washington?

What I think makes a good president is a person who is intelligent, makes good decisions and surrounds them self with smart people. Experience really has nothing to do with that, Lincoln served one term in the U.S Senate, Kennedy was very inexperienced, and ex President Clinton was a Governor. I think all did a decent job. Now HIllary Clintons has really proven to me through this campaign that she is very indecisive and will say whatever makes people happy in order to get what she wants. The way she has run her campaign is far from honest. Not to say that she needs to be some kind of saint, the Obama campaign has definitely participated in some questionable political ads, but she has her back against the wall and is willing to divide the party, give John McCain and the republicans fuel for the general election rather than let it play out and fight it out her message against his. On top that in the most important decision of her political career she seriously dropped the ball. Allow the president to go into Iraq was crazy, and really cannot be defended. She's a pretty intelligent woman, she knew the consequences, shit we all did.

I actually liked her before the election started, (though i've always been a Obama supporter), but I see how calculating and scathing she can be which is the same thing we've always seen in past elections, is that change? Yes she's won the big states, her last name is Clinton.. But she's behind in delegates. And then has the nerve to offer him the VP job, that's pretty insulting. My prediction is that he's going to win the delegate race, but it'll go to the convention and she'll battle it out to the end, when the super delegates get involved it could be a serious shit storm, at that point who knows what's going to happen. If the dems fuck this up i'm moving to France...


G. Brown said...

Let 'em know playa! I couldn't agree more.

Amazing how the Clintons tried that Jedi Mind trick by saying Obama could be their VP. Like Barack is trying to hear that shit lol...

Jakissa said...

Well said. Her campaign reeks of desperation. America needs a big change. Obama is the best person for the job at this important moment in our history.

Whodini said...

Im pretty sure the economy is going to completely implode soon. I think wages are going to remain the same and prices are going to increase so dramatically, that its going to making every one's yearly salary seem like so much less than it used to be....as the dollar falls and prices rise, the purchasing power is going to get so low that its going to be like a depression.

So yea, we should move to France. Im so down with that. They will blame all this bad stuff thats coming on whoever wins the next election. But its not their fault its the lame leadership we have had over the past few decades. Thank god for the internet in some way I think it has freed alot of information and made people realize that they cant just listen to what politicians say cuz in reality they have almost no idea what they are doing.

At least Barrack is admitting that its broken and needs fixing. He is also coming from outside, we need fresh blood, something totally new, the only way to avert disaster is so install leaders who are willing to take risks and do things and say things that nobody else would think about saying, like most politicians, Hillary is just a talking head. I think Barrack has the balls to make real changes that will have a tangible impact on our lives.

Rebates do nothing. I hope we put solar panels on every roof in the country, I dont know why the gov just doesnt create solar panel factories, put people to work and install them on every roof so that we dont have to pay for electricity or heat and we can plug our cars into the sun, that might give us the kind of competitive advantage we need over the world, in order to maintain the standard of living we have become so accustomed to.

France runs almost entirely on Nuclear power, they have no choice, the US is woefully behind on everything. Bad things ahead, thanks old people!

rob flow said...

comment alez vous?

Whodini said...

I just wanted to add, that Bush, if he was "REAL" about shit and stopping being a pussy and just said:

The "grand plan" is to ramp up Iraqi production, "flood the world market with Iraqi oil" and drive the price down to $15 a barrel. Thereby stimulating the U.S. economy, and "finally destroying" OPEC, and wrecking the economies of "rogue states" such as Iran and Venezuela, and at the same time "create more opportunities for 'regime change.' I.E. Iran not being a joke but actually being free and being more easy to deal with...

I would have said, thats not a bad idea George, you might be onto something, I hate war and death but I could see how later down the road this could be good for all parties involved.

In fact, thats the kind of outside the box thinking that might ensure our top spot in the world for another century.

The problem is, to many idiots who dont think practically, want to love the United Nations so much that waging wars like this becomes criminal. Well we arent signatories to any agreements that make those things illegal and we shouldnt be, not b/c we believe in war but b/c as the top dog, we reserve the right 2 bust your ass! Is that fair? Of course it is! Thats the natural order of things.

Its only natural for all the smaller dogs to try to limit the top dogs power, thats expected.

But we arent Nazi's or dictators we are the world power and we will ensure our place in the world and being generous and compassionate we want to see everyone enjoy the freedoms and way of life that we do. This war became about 9/11 and we were embarrassed and lost MAD $$$$$.

It should have been about oil, standard of living increases world wide, and liberation of oppressed people's....If Bush was actually a decent politician, instead of just a monkey boy, (because the plan wasnt his, hes just the front man, he just listening to somebody else)

Anyway had he had the charisma or abilities to inspire maybe the way a guy like Barrack does maybe we could have aligned the entire world together on this mission with the agreement that the US will sell the bulk of the discount oil to everyone in equal shares. Give everyone a piece of the pie but we retain the biggest piece after all it was our idea and we got the tools to do it. Personally, I think thats very fair.

We need to find a balance between protecting our interests and in being righteous and courteous and caring for those in the world who do not live like we do.

We shouldn't be afraid or ashamed of wanting to take out Iraq so that we can boom our economy and destroy our enemies and their dictatorships.

We should be ashamed of saying they did 9/11, thats shameful, there is no shame is saying Iraq is a joke we dont have to respect them and we should "all", the world that is, just take the oil and free it up for everyone, why should these OPEC countries have us by the balls?

since we are the HNIC of the world, we are entitled to have Exxon and American Oil companies sell the world the oil at $15 bucks a gallon. Its still DIRT cheap compared to now and its totally fair.

Lives world wide would feel real tangible change could get oil for 15 a gallon, with idea and knowledge that oil is not renewable and it only temporary until we have a new source of cheap energy, like solar...

We are doing all the heavy lifting!!! France and Britain can eat a dick, they cant pull this off, or manage this process.


Most of these OPEC countries are jerks to their own people.

Its the rest of the world and naive pacifists, that want to check our power. McCains got it wrong. There arent going to be wars. It doesnt have to be that way, but will have to willing to use force when neccessary to protect our future well being, and nations around the world need to be on notice that they do not want to mess with us or any of our friends. This is about friends, we take care of our friends and we can negotiate but holding by the balls is not going to fly and we will bust your ass.

WHats wrong with that?

also know, that if the roles were switched and France was the HNIC, they would do the same thing we did! But probably even worse, cuz they probably wouldnt give a rats ass about the rights of the poeple in these nations,

Look at the history of these nations who try to check our power. These our countries that have subjugated entire countries imperialistically. We set the tone and its good that we do because ultimately our Constitution and way of life is the best. Sure we are behind on stuff, sure we have fucked plenty of shit in the past, but I believe that America wants to get it right and that our fore fathers truly wanted to make a new place based on the pursuit of happiness.

We are never going to do anything that horrible, but we will bust the ass of a stupid ass dictator that has all the oil we need. Sorry dudes, you should revolted and strung that guys body through the streets like they did Mussolini.

Somebody pass our declaration of independence to these backwards countries.

Aggressive warfare is wrong, but at some point taking out dictators who are holding everyone else in the world by the balls and also limited freedoms of their own people, basic freedoms like watching whatever they want on the internet or tv, or wearing a gucci dress thats super sexy,

these sovereigns dont deserve comity. Fuck em. We need that fucking oil!

thats not aggressive warfare, thats survival and justice.

If this was Bush's grand plan, I and many of us might have gotten on board.

I would have supported it, b/c i have no respect for Iraq, and if we want to take them out and take the oil then why not?

Iraq only deserved some humane treatment as we took them out, they never deserved to keep the spoils of war. Thats not how life works. To victor go the spoils. And dont fuck with the toughest guy in the room unless your willing 2 fight. This is natural law. They had all this coming to them.

This shit should have been short and sweet. Bush is bad commander in chief. Its that simple. He has no leadership qualities. In fact, he managed to make everyone HATE US!

Thanks george, and you know its that exact kind of, entitlement without explanation or appealing to the rest of world and convincing them.

The right guy could do that. If voted for Bush your a moran #1. #2 you really dont give a damn about america your just voting on some old school notion of morality or race or something else almost irrelevant, like abortion or god.

BIG PICTURE WISE, those things arent issues. BIG PICTURE WISE, its the senate and the house thats going to determine thats stuff, but its the Pres who is responsible for our military and diplomacy.


Anyway, this rant is getting long, i love it,

The Iraqi's stood by Saddam, they pussied out, they could have fought him, he killed enough of them and oppessed them enough to maintain control but no man can control country without the people support, period and its the peoples right to revolt and if they had more balls and like us were willing to die, everyone has to got to be willing, they could have gotten free.

They didnt.

its not our job to sit by and watch dictators team up and try to hold the world hostage for oil when it hurts us.

In the end, getting oil and removing dictators is more then enough justification to go to Iraq, why couldn't Bush sell it like that. American might have bought into it and once we galvanize as a nation there is nobody out there that can mess with us, they get in line, and in the end they benefit either by being freed or by getting the energy they need.

But for the other countries who do not want us to flex our military might, and them wanting a piece of the action, we could have done this without anyones help and it would have helped the entire free world, get cheap energy and in being liberated.

Its naive to say war and fighting is something that should never happen. Its also stupid to be like McCain and say there is gonna be war and death deal with it!

There doesnt have to be, but you can say to Saddam if you dont change, if you dont give us that oil, if you try to dick around, im going to come in there and wax your ass and take it, so you can get on board with the rest of civilization or you can be obliterated. Mind you there will be innocent casualties, that you can avoid, if you cooperate. This is fair.

Barrack could say that in a way I never could, or Barrack might come up with some other plan thats better, either way, Bush is STUPID. and we cant be putting STUPID people who dont listen to other people opinions and take them into account in the Presidency.

Maybe you could do that for Senate and probably the house, but not for president we cant afford to take that kind of risk

Making sure the United States stays on top should be everyone's primary objective, and there is NO SHAME IN THAT! and if your in Iran or Iraq or Venezuela and your dicking around and everybody knows it, well as top dog , we might go in there and remove you and take all your oil

Its bullyish but its only fair, you got oil, you got to share it, just like if someone trys your ass, who's gonna come and save you?

US. nobody else! Who invents everything, did u like computers? or the internet? how hot was the matrix and that micheal jackson character, who's culture spread wild fire!

Its not like we are forcing something bad on people. I think people in Iran are interested in this shit, pretty sure about that.

USA bitches, god damn it i cant take it.

Its great if we can improve the lives of others but in the end, we cant go into depressions, the dollar cant be worth spit. Its not just us that gets hurt either


We make the world go round. Its that simple, ask people around how they are investing and they will tell it depends on the US...

Anyway, Bush fucked it up, hes a jackass, he shouldnt have even began this operation unless he was sure he was going to win and he got scared of international criminal courts and he pussed out. Should have just imposed our will and explained it later b/c the failure that is the Iraq war is the catalyst of the insane oil prices

In trying to prevent the energy crisis, poor execution and people skills, POOR LEADERSHIP, created the reccession, the drop of the dollar, the excessive blood shed in Iraq


the energy crisis, is the straw the broke the camels back of the United States.

Hopefully, Barrack, is the guy, that can make sense of all this, come up with something thats going to work. Cuz guys like McCain, they are to old, they dont get it, girls like Hillary, they dont have the balls to make the tough decisions.

She naive. Shes like "Im not going to even talk to Cuba, until they change!"

yo thats not impressive, thats fucking stupid. What do u think Cuba is just going to lay down.

Barrack is like look im not going to give them shit but yea Im going to meet with them. I'll sit down with them. Of course he is, its called diplomacy.

Affirmative Action is a phrase that is associated with minorities and women, but really most things in life take AFFIRMATIVE ACTION.

Meaning the situation, is so bleak and so messed up that its not going to change by just letting it alone, but we have to affirmatively DO SOMETHING to create the change.

We cant just expect people arent friends with to just one day be like oh you know you were right all that shit, I was wrong im just gonna completely change cuz I cant deal with the sanctions. Sorry, my bad. Thats not realistic.

I think that being on top give you rights to certain things but also responsibilities. Dont they say that with great power comes great responsibility. I think have a responsibility to put our pride to the side and go meet with people and show them that we want peace and to get along and lets try to work it out.

I think Barrack is going to listen to everyone and make the right decision. Hes going to do that math, without biases,figure out whats best, try to sell it to us and even if he cant make the executive decision, the tough decision and see it through.

Time to start putting the best candidates in positions regardless of anything else. Whoever the best for the job should get it. Period. This time around I think its REALLY REALLY obvious who the best candidate is.

Or were just gonna go down in a ball a flames its hard to tell.

BTW, You started this politics stuff Armageddon!

Whodini said...


What did I tell you.