Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm bored

I'm completely over this election, someone call me when it's over. The New York primary is over, why should I really give a fuck about Pennsylvania and North Carolina. How did Hillary come back like that??? If I see another pie chart explaining to me that "Barack does well amongst African Americans and young people, while HIllary does well with women..." REALLY!!!??? NO SHIT...

Anyway back to shit that really matters, music and entertainment. It's a much better distraction than politics. Went to a showcase for Teyana Taylor, new Star Trak artist, the girl from super sweet 16, and inventor of the chicken noodle soup dance (don't hold that against her..) I have to admit, she's really dope. Can sing her ass off, not to mention spit and dance. Though that "Google Me" track is pretty lukewarm (Jazzy Pha was a bad choice).

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Whodini said...

I hold that Super Sweet Sexteen Mtv thing against her & "google me" -yawn-, thats her? the title turned me off, didnt even listen to it. Couldnt be hotter then that Olivia Newt work out suit she was running around in on her show? if i remember correctly she rocked it complete with wrist bands and leg warmers, headband 2 prolly, but its all good cuz I had no idea she invented the chicken noodle soup. Sincerely, that is something you can hang your hat on. I like unique and creative I dont like people who have to make an effort or use gimmicks to distinguish themselves. Nobody asked me but I say she trys waay 2 hard to impress people 4 somebody who can "sing her ass off,"