Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ollie & Jerry - No Stoppiing Us (Breakin)

Just had my birthday party tonight. Didn't hear this track which was kinda upsetting, then again. I always felt like I'm one of the only Dj's that plays this. I hope you enjoy, and more so remember when this dropped.... Enjoy!!!!


Natalie Naomi said...

Ha! Breakin' IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIMES!! YOU PLAY THIS? Next time I'm at your gig, Im requesting it. Trust me, I will burn up the dance floor!

Happy Birthday Homie!

sakir said...

Don't worry M.O.S. I play it in my freestyle sets all the time and every time I do someone rushes me and asks me, "who is that?" I used to record the music from that movie through the line out jack on my television onto a cassette. LOL What I really would like is that combat song when they were battling under the overpass.