Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mixtape Madness!!!

I got a copy of this mixtape in the parking lot after Summer Jam in 97 or 98, this was soooo serious, Cipha Sounds murdered it with Flex playing hype man. Every jimmy Jazz and V.I.M (yeah don't front like you didn't pick up your Gore Tex there) had this playing in the store. Shout to Uncle Q who still has my tape. Luckly my boy DJ NVM hit me with the audio.

N.O.R.E (Ya Heard! Penalty Mixtape) Side A
N.O.R.E. (Ya Heard! Penalty Mixtape) Side B


Justin Time said...

Yo, I heard so much about this mix. Cipha talked about it on his podcast. Gotta download this after work

DJ NVM said... put it up. Glad I was able to get this to you!