Friday, April 25, 2008


Three detectives were found not guilty Friday on all charges in the shooting death of Sean Bell, who died in a hail of 50 police bullets outside a club in Jamaica, Queens, in November 2006. The verdict prompted calls for calm from the mayor, angry promises of protests by those speaking for the Bell family and expressions of relief by the detectives.

Detective Michael Oliver, who fired 31 bullets the night of the shooting and faced manslaughter charges, said Justice Arthur J. Cooperman had made a “fair and just decision.”

Justice Cooperman delivered the verdict in State Supreme Court at 9 a.m. Describing the evidence, he said it was reasonable for the detectives to fear that someone in the crowd that night carried a gun. He added that many of the prosecution’s witnesses, including Mr. Bell’s friends and the two wounded victims, were simply not believable. “At times, the testimony of those witnesses just didn’t make sense,” the judge said.

-New York Times

I'm not going to even get into this, i'll just say that it's situations like this that spark hatred towards the system and those who control it.

And to put this in perspective Wesley Snipes got 3 years for tax fraud, and these guys got off with a suspension... Wow


Whodini said...

And to put this in perspective Wesley Snipes got 3 years for tax fraud, and these guys got off with a suspension... Wow

THE WAY "THEY" SEE IT SNIPES IS LUCKY TO NOT BE IN JAIL SO GIVING HIM THE MAX SENTENCE IS ONLY MAKING UP FOR ALL THAT FREEDOM HE GOT TO EXPERIENCE WHILE BEING EXTRA BLACK which we all know is reason enough to lock you up or shoot you 50 times on at your bachelor party.

I just wanna know who told these cops that some prostitution ring, (if it really did exist), a bag of drugs, or a traffic ticket, whatever it is, why are these things ever a reason to go around like a cowboy, pulling out guns? Cops are supposed to protect, they arent supposed to shoot people and at some point you have to deciede to let "it" go before you get yourself into a situation where you are shooting innocents.

Where is the police training?
Maybe they should pay cops more than chump change so that they could afford to hire people with brains and integrity, not the dumbest people you knew in high school. why do we give those people guns and badges and then back up everything they do in court like they did after this Bell thing?

We have no common sense as a people, and everyone is to afraid to ask questions, take responsibility and admit that we have had it wrong for a long time.

Even if somebody gets away a crime, so what, why shoot anybody?

Its one thing to shoot somebody who poses an immediate physical threat to the safety of the pubic, its another thing to trail people and get into shootouts, over some petty crime, like whores, or even drugs, the constitution says we are supposed to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures, and being held at gun point, is a SEIZURE, the courts have said this, so why the hell are you pulling out guns?

Its unreasonable in the case of sean bell for the gun to ever even come out, Sean didnt show you a gun, he wasnt posing any danger to anyone, if you wanted to stop him and TALK to him or INVESTIGATE, that would be a reasonable, SEIZURE, under the circumstances, going undercover? pulling out ghats? its retarded, for what purpose?

What do you get out of going around shooting your load as a cop?

Fear, control, violations of basic human rights? Youll never see a white guy get shot 50 times, you never will and its not cuz they dont kill people or they dont sell drugs, its cuz the cops just dont run up to them trying to shoot them and will let them get away before they do shoot them.

The system is a joke. I am the guy that hates America, I love the constitution, i love the idea of it, but we dont live it. I cant even figure out why we dont either?

Whats even worse is, we allow it. People are afraid to protest, white people dont want to hear it, and the threat of widespread holding down of urban minorities is enough to get people to shut up about it and for the establishment to just not want to talk about how unfair shit is: theyll admit to anything, our system was designed that way. Its pretty brilliant if you in the right group, but its total bullshit to act like, its not a huge conspiracy, thats bullshit.

Then you wanna kill black ministers , who speak out, out of passion and anger, you wanna act like they are crazy?

but how crazy are they?
do they say the wrong things out of ignorance, probably, but there truth to alot of that stuff, and its not right to dimiss it just because your afraid of what lie beyond, the initial accusation, why be afraid of fixing shit thats wrong? People shouldnt be afraid of that, they go towards that.

Its painful, it hurts me to know, that im not free and that the constitution doesnt apply to everybody. It just doesnt.

Whodini said...

that should be "they wont admit to anything" cuz our system is about not admitting to anything, cuz that would be stupid, we actually hold up dishonesty as a value in america, the system is set up that way as a loop hole for injustice.

and theyll tell you that old man shit like

"at least you dont live Iraq," like thats any excuse...

like all the kids on the front lines arent from the Bronx?

this place is predicated on bullshit.