Saturday, January 19, 2008

House Party!!!!

Sundance is crazy. Was at a house party last night that could be the best i've been to in a while, could be because of the amount of liquor I consumed or it could be that DJ Kiss and DJ AM were on fire. But it definately was not better than these house parties.

Didn't hear this last night, but next time you see me play this and i'll do the Kid N Play dance... No bullshit.

Full Force - Ain't My Type Of Hype


I AM GVG said...

The Kid N Play dance scene is one of my all time favorite party scenes, second only to this one - Just got goose bumps watching both of them again. Seriously we been doing this club shit of ours for a very very long time and to this day nothing beats a good wall sweating house party.

I’m kind of hurt you didn’t find the whole scene with the kitchen intro and the switch outro.

“Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Don’t give up so easy. I’ll teach you” - Kid

Here you go my friend, start from the 2:45 mark -

Kid’s head nod to the chick he didn’t want to dance with is worth watching the whole thing alone!!!


rob flow said...

i was just thinkin about this song yesterday