Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Damn it's cold, nothing to do but sit inside and try to go through my library, the CD is 95% done. Staring at waves all day then Djing at night staring at waves again does a number on your eyes, i'm getting sea sick. Anyway here are a few songs that bite eachother, thought it was interesting. This can't be an accident. Shout to DJ Kiss for putting me on to this.

Cashflow - Mine All Mine
The Fatback Band - I Found Lovin

Fat Larry's Band - Act Like You Know
The Whatnuts - Help Is On The Way


Hot Grrrl said...

What? The Fatback Band? Ahh sh*t! This is the jam! Can't wait to get home and download. Not sure if I know the other songs but I'm sure they're hot if you're grouping them with I Found Lovin. This song was out when brothers used to 'sang' and and be all vulnerable and grown and fly! Thanks for reminding me.

And what's up with the mention about waves. I'm not up to speed. Are you on a boat or chillin on the beach?

I AM GVG said...

Sorry i couldn't stay later, but i got the "Hey, you want a ride home" in the ear n my fear of the cold overwhelmed all music lovin reasoning. IT'S COLD IN THESE STREETS!!!

The wire comes back Jan 6 2008
Get hooked.

I AM GVG said...

Ok so I'm up wwwaaayyyy too early and watching videos. The video for floetry's "say yes" is on and it gave me an idea, gave me something else as well but I’m not talking about that. Can a brother put a request in for the theme for your next CD? Can we get the ultimate baby making mix? Stuff like Prince’s the “Adore” extended mix, the above mentioned Floetry joint, Van Hunt’s "down here in hell with you”, Jill Scott and Mos Def's "love rain", Donna Summer “Love to Love You Baby”, I think u get the point. I’m tryna work something out over here.